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Monograph is all about unleashing your creativity and organising your home office with office essentials and clever designs.

Any hopeful creative needs the right tools. And you get heaps of those at Monograph. From art supplies to notebooks and storage solutions that make your home office awesome. Function and personality define each and every piece. 

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200+ products available

Everything for the office and the toolbox of any creative soul. Inspire your customers with quirky and clever designs.

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Designed in denmark

In-house designers play around with each item, add a dab of colour and sprinkle with a dash of industry knowledge to give you the right pieces.

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50+ new arrivals each year

New items spark the creativity. New colours. New materials. New functions.

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Covering the needs of the classic and organised home office to the somewhat messy but creative space.


Our office tools are minimalistic with a simple design that will provide your office with a calm and harmonious atmosphere. 

Pencil sharpeners, staplers, scissors, and rulers are mandatory office tools and are at least as decorative as they are functional. Keep your desk in order with paper weights, book supports, and pin-up boards.


Gift-giving is the ultimate sign of affection.

And the feeling of handling over a beautifully wrapped present is amazing and truly giving. Put every ounce of love and effort into a unique gift wrapping, match with a ribbon and write down a personal greeting. Every small detail count and make sure that your gift is showing off your personality.


Monograph isn’t all about accessorising.

We do appreciate simple, refined and functional design in our office furniture as well. Take a seat in a chair made for working. Collect all your stuff (in pretty storage solutions and desk accessories, of course) on your office table, and see things more clearly with our table lamps. Your office has never looked more stylish.

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Creative sparks for everyday entrepreneurs and creative thinkers.

Feeling that tiny spark of creativity? Head over to our brand universe and set it on fire with our range of office supplies.

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