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This season’s materials // AW19

As we are heading for a darker and colder time, our needs change at the same time as we want to create balance in our life and home. Therefore, the new season will focus on creating balance among materials that compliment each other and provide the decor with different, unique touches. The combination of the rough and sophisticated combined with the soft and tactile. At House Doctor, we have therefore found three of the materials that will be repeated in the autumn and winter collection. 


Corduroy is a material that most people associate with the 70’s, but this season, it’s making a comeback. We integrate the soft material in our homes in beautiful grey and dark shades used for pillows, benches and dining chairs. It’s a comfortable, yet tactile material with its play in the surface and a beautiful, warm contrast to this season’s trending metal and concrete.


Concrete adds simplicity and calm to any room, and the light-absorbing material an excellent way to add natural contrast to the décor. It’s a bastant material that at the same time has a distinct lightness to it – it’s raw but refined in detail. Looking flawless from afar, all of its beautiful irregularities appear when taking a closer look, making it perfectly imperfect.


A material with an industrial, cold expression, but with gun metal, the rough, hard material gets an organic expression and soft surface with inspiration from nature. Together, these contrasting elements create a perfect harmony.