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Restrained living

This season, we embrace restrained living in our homes. A balanced, low-key and harmonious way of living which also shows in our choice of furniture, materials and colours. Less is more, and every single item in our home has value, a purpose and is there for a reason. By embracing simplicity and imperfection we create our personal refuge. A home in imperfect harmony where we feel comfortable, inspired and are able to be ourselves.

Embrace simplicity

Your home is your sanctuary from the outside world and a space for living. Keep the décor simple without compromising on beauty and let few items that you truly cherish speak for themselves. Embrace simplicity in your home with tone-in-tone colours, materials like metal and concrete and sculptural beauty.

Embrace balance

Balance. The seasons, wellbeing, life and home. It’s all about balance. This season, we create balance in our homes by looking towards nature and mixing materials that are different but complementing, ensuring balance and making room for personality to show through. Being more than just products and materials – they create a feeling of calm and wellbeing.

Embrace celebrations

For this season’s celebrations we bring nature inside. We keep it simple with natural, informal décor, informal gatherings and simple food that is easy to make and enjoy together. We embrace nature in every sense. Through rich, dark colours, raw materials and warm reflections of light.