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The perfect oasis in the open

Organise the garden in a unique way and create the perfect oasis in the open. Nothing is better than a day in the open with fresh air and warm rays of the sun. So why not make the outdoor area a comfortable place to be? We at House Doctor have therefore gathered a list of the most important things that can help creating the perfect outdoor area in the home – and maybe it will be your new favourite place.

Decorative flowerpots

Let your terrace merge with nature by organising with large flowerpots. Plant the most beautiful trees and bushes and make your oasis green as your surroundings.

Comfortable furniture

With a soft and comfortable base of elegant lounge furniture, you are able to create a wonderful oasis – a place where you want to spend lots of hours.

String lights & lanterns

Provide your decor with an extra touch by use of unique lanterns and string lights. In this way, you can extend the long and warm summer evenings at your favourite spot.

Soft textiles

Make yourself comfortable in soft textiles. Provide your oasis with lots of comfortable pillows and warm blankets to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.