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Grilled fish with herbs

Serves: 4 people
Cooks in: 30 minutes 
Difficulty: Medium

- Whole fish, such as redfish - approx. 300-400 g of fish per person
- Nicolas Vahé French sea salt 
- Nicolas Vahé Pepper / lemon peel
- Nicolas Vahé Spices / fish
- 1 lemon, organic 
- 2 tbsp butter 
- Chopped herbs

Rinse the fish thoroughly under cold water and dry with kitchen roll. Sprinkle the fish with Nicolas Vahé sea salt and lemon pepper. Put a few slices of lemon and 2 tbsp of butter into the cavity of the fish. Stuff the fish with fresh herbs. Use a fish basket, meat pin or thread to keep the herbs inside the fish. 

Cook the fish on a hot grill until the meat next to the backbone has turned white. You can test the meat by slipping a small knife into the back of the fish. Don’t move the fish around too much and let it cook for at least 5 minutes on each side before turning. This will prevent the skin from breaking. Turn the fish a couple of times, until the meat is tender. Remove the meat from the bones by slitting the skin from nape to tail along one side of the backbone. Don’t eat the skin if it is has become too charred.