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Pasta in different ways

At Nicolas Vahé, we believe cooking in everyday life must be easy and simple while making tasteful food at the same time. Therefore, our new pasta variants are the perfect tools in a busy everyday life. We provide you with ideas about how you can use the different tastes. Read more here.

Pasta of durum wheat

Delicious and classic pasta belongs to the perfect carbonara. These wonderful organic pasta penne are perfect for any pasta dish – warm as cold. Turn the pasta in one of our pesto’s and serve it as a cold pasta salad with your favourite vegetables and with meat.

Durum wheat & red lentils

Make your pasta dishes extra decorative and exciting by use of our colourful pasta of Semolina durum wheat. Our new pasta variant is made with red lentils which is why it has the beautiful red colour – and it has a lovely taste. Use the red pasta in a fresh and colourful pasta salad or provide the classic Bolognese with a new and extra touch. 

Tips... We recommend a sprinkle of parmesan cheese on the top of the dish and a fresh-baked piece of bread on the side. 

Spinach & nutmeg

Get some green elements into everyday life with our spinach pasta which has the most wonderful taste and colour. The tagliatelle pasta consists of long, thin ribbons and are perfect for a classic Bolognese. The green colour of the pasta will provide the table with an extra decorative touch and can be used in both a classic pasta dish and in cold pasta salads. Serve it in an elegant way and let the lovely taste and colour carry the dish.