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At House Doctor we will help you find the perfect furniture and accessories for your home. House Doctor combines Scandinavian design
with a cosy bohemian atmosphere. You will find materials, shades and surfaces which will combine your décor with an aesthetic look and
an atmosphere of harmony. All of our products are designed in-house and ooze of personality. Our style is provocative, personal and informal.
We believe that the time is right for mixing elements rather than trying to match them.

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Designing a collection

All year around, new products are brought to life and added to the existing universe of House Doctor. But before the products become available in the shops, an extensive process goes into creating these unique items.


House Doctor x Casa Ry

When we scouted for a location for our most recent photoshoot, we came across Casa Ry – a simplified and contemporary take on the traditional Danish farmhouse.


Creating our new home

Without any previous building experience, Caroline and Anthony decided to buy an old doctor’s clinic and renovate it themselves. Get a glimpse into their journey here


Decorate with textiles

Textiles can always provide the home decor with an extra touch. They create tranquillity and warmth in a special way and are found in countless of shapes.


Read our latest inspiring editorials

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Glasses & Mugs

With these beautiful and exciting glasses and mugs from House Doctor, you can provide your dinner table with an elegant look. In our assortment you will both find water glasses, wine glasses and mugs in many different designs. Classic, clear glasses fit into any table arrangement and allow you to mix the additional tableware regardless of colour or material.


Outdoor decor

Decorating your outdoor space creates a personal and stylish atmosphere. House Doctor’s large selection of elements for outdoor decor for your home gives you the possibility of adding finish and personality to your terrasse and garden.


Outdoor furniture

Make your garden and terrace elegant and inviting with beautiful outdoor furniture from House Doctor. Our outdoor furniture is made in simple designs which stand beautifully on their own or can be combined with pretty seat cushions, pillows and blankets.


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