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Meraki is a welcoming universe of self-pampering and wellness. Turn daily routines into moments of calm and everyday luxury.

Meraki skincare products are made of gentle and nourishing ingredients carefully selected for their positive qualities, proven effects, and natural fragrances. Designed and developed in Denmark, our products are inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics and created with love and respect for nature.

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200+ products available

From skincare to haircare, accessories and bathroom décor, finding the right assortment for you is easy.

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Designed in denmark

In-house designers and skincare experts develop each item with attention to detail, functionality and healthy skin.

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30+ new arrivals each year

Keep your shop fresh with the latest items. From new ones to updates of bestsellers and season-specific ranges such as suncare.

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From certified organic skincare and soaps to décor and textiles for your bathroom space.

Meraki hair care series

No home-spa experience is complete without a little hair care

Our Meraki Hair care is a series of nourishing products that give your hair a neutral and healthy look. From shampoo to serum, you get a complete range that care for your hair and leaves it smooth and moisturised. Developed and produced in Denmark, our Meraki Hair care series is bursting with natural, highly effective ingredients.

Meraki face series

Mild, nourishing and organic

The certified organic Meraki face care series offers you a 
mild and nourishing selection of skin care products. Each product is rich in active ingredients that cleanse, nourish and moisturise your skin. The skin care is developed and produced in Denmark using high quality ingredients.

Meraki SUN

Mild and effective protection

The Meraki sun care series offers you a compact selection of products that protect and moisturise your skin. In addition to our PURE products which are perfume-free, this range also offers sun care with a light floral scent. However, the protective effect and nourishing ingredients remain the same.

Meraki basics

For everyday care

Basic does not mean bland or uninteresting. Meraki basics cover everyday skincare and haircare with high quality ingredients and natural fragrances spanning haircare, bodycare, handsoaps and lotion.

Meraki PURE

Honest options

The world of skincare can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate – especially if you want to avoid harmful chemistry. Meraki Pure is a complete, certified body range focusing on organics, health and the environment – and all the products can be used safely by the whole family.

Meraki accessories

Let Meraki accessories set the atmosphere

Surround yourself with scented candles, stunning bathroom accessories and mirrors reflecting your beautiful being. Everything around you adds to the moment and will make it stand out even more.

Meraki Mini

It is the little ones that give us our biggest moments

Meraki Mini is a range of mild, gentle and certified organic skin care products for babies and the sensitive skin of children. You get products you can trust and make a responsible choice for the environment.

Meraki, made in Denmark


Meraki is an important part of Society of Lifestyle. It is not just a brand, but a complete universe, creating luxurious comfort and wellness that turns daily self-care into moments of calm. Meraki skincare products are both designed and developed in Denmark – inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics and created with love and respect for nature’s treasures.

The making of each Meraki product is expertly handled by our partner, a leading supplier of quality beauty products. Here, specialised and dedicated employees perform tests to determine the very best solution of ingredients for each product. These are then made into larger batches and poured into one of our beautiful flasks. A lot of the work is done by hand, ensuring quality results every time. Lastly, each product is packed and shipped to one of our retailers, ready to create nurturing moments of calm for you.

A new hair care series →

A new hair care series →

A compact range of hair care that leaves your hair smooth, shiny and moisturised. Developed and produced in Denmark, you get a compact range that cares for your hair using natural ingredients chosen for their proven effects.

A new sun care series →

A new sun care series →

For SS21, stay safe in the sun with the new sun care series by Meraki. It is a compact selection of products that protect and moisturise the skin. From ingredients to textures and sun protection factor, everything has been revamped and streamlined.

Certified organic →

Certified organic →

When choosing skin care products from Meraki’s basis series, you get a product with effective and nourishing ingredients. At Meraki, we embrace products that are good for both body and the environment and therefore, we have made our basis series certified organic.

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The small moments throughout the day where we get to relax, unwind and pamper ourselves. That is what you are inspired to find on our social media. Whether it’s skincare tips or how to make your bathroom a serene space.

Immerse yourself in the calm and nurturing universe of Meraki. A moment of everyday luxury awaits you with our range of skincare and décor items.

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