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At Nicolas Vahé we believe it should be easy to eat good, tasteful and healthy food every single day. We have developed a wide choice of delicious products made on the basis of a strong philosophy and a preference for food and raw materials of quality. Nicolas Vahé makes it a point of honour to create products of excellent raw materials and that the quality is perfect.

We are trying to create astonishing taste experiences and to combine ingredients you cannot find elsewhere. A Nicolas Vahé product will always provide you with an experience outside the usual - both regarding ingredients and packaging which are essential parts of the experience. The products tell a story, create an atmosphere and make sense in a daily routine of cooking.

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The perfect stoneware

At Nicolas Vahé the visual look is almost equally important as the taste experience in the kitchen. By use of our two new series of tableware, we promise that you get a beautiful and stylish table arrangement for both everyday life and festive occasions.


Food brings us closer together

At Nicolas Vahé we believe cooking in everyday life needs to be easy and simple with lots of taste at the same time. See the new collection here. 


Pasta in different ways

The taste experience is an important element when cooking. Therefore, we at Nicolas Vahé have created new stylish and easy bags containing delicate pasta – pasta that will provide your favourite pasta dishes with a new touch.


Ready-to-use tomato sauce

Can you think of something better in a busy weekday than being able to make an easy and delicious dish to your family? Read here where we at Nicolas Vahé will tell you about our new tomato sauce that comes in two different variants. It will be a hit among both children and adults! 


Read our latest inspiring editorials

Makes everyday home cooking easy

Try one of our tasty recipes

Pasta Bolognese

Get the recipe for the most delicious pasta Bolognese ala Nicolas Vahé. With a few unique ingredients, you can pamper your taste buds – even on a regular everyday evening. 

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Naan bread with mozzarella

Here at Nicolas Vahé, we have found the recipe for the most delicious snack that will impress your guest with its strong tastes on homemade naan bread. 

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Salad with lentil pasta

Cooking does not have to be complicated. It is about choosing the fresh raw materials of the season and mixing them with easy solutions – and this tasteful Mediterranean salad is a good example of how it can be done. 

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Kitchen accessories

Every home cook needs great kitchen accessories. Nicolas Vahé offers everything you need to enjoy spending time in your kitchen - from stylish tableware and cutting boards to kitchen textiles and utensils.

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