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Designing a collection →

Aug 3, 2020 | House Doctor

“When designing a new collection, finding inspiration for materials, structures and colours is key. Something as simple as a subtle detail can inspire the birth of a completely new item”


– says Senior Designer, Bettina Jonsson.
Brand DNA

Like people, a brand has its own DNA – a set of significant characteristics that are distinctive no matter what product is on the drawing board. “House Doctor’s DNA is fundamental when creating a new collection. When working in design, we know exactly what materials and colours will work. And for the spring summer 2020 collection, art and the handmade has been our main focus. From the overall concept to the details, it is visible in the colours, lines, patterns and structures of the products,” says Bettina.

When the design team is done gathering inspiration, the actual design process begins:

“We start by drawing the styles that will make up the collection. Pretty much everything is drawn from scratch, which helps ensure a common thread throughout the collection,” Bettina Jonsson says.

Apartment Studio Hamburg →

Apartment Studio Hamburg →

The doors to our Apartment Studio in Hamburg has opened. It is a unique and temporary studio where you get to experience our products in a spectacular and authentic home setting.