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Our dropshipment concept

You sell. We stock & ship.

Become a partner in our dropshipment concept and create new business opportunities through a wide assortment, without increasing your risk on physical inventory.

Dropshipment benefits

 Grow your business without the hassle of stock and delivery. With 1.000+ products available, it is easy to choose the right assortment for you.

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A fully integrated dropshipment IT solution.

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A wide range of products for you to choose and sell from across brands.

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Data and stock

An informative and full data feed, and always updated stock status.

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No risk of stock, no limitations due to colli sizes.

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Neutral packaging and sustainable filling with you as the sender.

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Tracking info on deliveries.

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Simple onboarding process

A guided and coordinated onboarding process.

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Support and service

With a dedicated team we will support you all the way.

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How does it work

The customer orders a product on your shop. It goes automatically from your shop to our system and we ship.
No risks. Only sales.

Our dropshipment team helps you find the solution that matches your online store setup.


Fully integrated

Our dropshipment solution uses advanced integration, so you can sync our stock and product data feed, orders and delivery status automatically into your online store. E-commerce the easy way.

iNTERESTED IN BECOMING OUR next dropshipment partner?

Access our wide collection and do business the easy way. No risks on stock. No hassle with delivery. Contact us for a talk about your options.

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