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Environmental Policy

Society of Lifestyle asks all our suppliers to apply a precautionary approach and establish proper management systems as well as a mode of operation that limits the risk of serious or significant impact to the environment.


Minimum requirements

As a minimum, Society of Lifestyle requires that:

  • The supplier must always be able to provide applicable and valid environmental permits and licenses.
  • The site on which the supplier operates, shall not be under threat of prosecution, fines and/or enforcement in relation to environmental issues.
  • Society of Lifestyle require all suppliers to start measure their Scope 1&2 emissions in accordance with the GHG Protocol with the aim to start minimizing Co2 footprints

Resource use and product development

Society of Lifestyle request that:

  • The supplier shall strive for minimal use of recourses such as energy, water, and raw material.
  • Society of Lifestyle and supplier share the responsibility of taking environmental impact into consideration in product development throughout the product lifecycle, e.g., through conscious choice of materials, packaging and recyclable abilities.
  • Waste shall be handled by authorized waste contractors and shall be kept to a minimum and be reused and recycled whenever possible.