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Oct 5, 2020 | Nicolas Vahé

The Cocktail Box

Taking a simple gin & tonic and making it spectacular. The Cocktail Box from Nicolas Vahé brings you the flavours and tools to create gin & tonic cocktails like any professional.

It has been carefully put together to give you products with focus on high quality, exquisite taste experiences and unexpected flavours for you and your guests. Allow yourself to experiment with the art of cocktail-making – unleashing flavours in new, unique ways has never been easier and the Cocktail Box is perfect for any self-announced bartender or enthusiast seeking the complete cocktail experience.

Paired for perfection

Creating a gin & tonic is a simple task.

Challenging the taste buds, making the heart skip a beat and allowing a feeling of wellbeing drift through the body is a whole different story. That is why we have put together the Cocktail Box bringing you everything you could possibly need to do just that.

Whether you are yearning for a classic gin & tonic with juniper berries or are in the mood to experiment with pink peppercorns or orange peel, we got you covered. Adding a splash of our ginger and thyme syrup will take your cocktail creation a step further along the way to perfection. The spicy notes are the perfect match, yet perhaps surprising for most, for any given gin & tonic.

For every taste

Garnishes, syrup, stirring spoon and measuring cup are all included in our Cocktail Box.

 But are you lacking inspiration or are you always using the save, safe combination of ingredients? The box includes three recipes that will make you the world class champion in cocktail-making. Perhaps not entirely, but you get our point.

From the responsible yet refreshingly bold virgin gin & tonic with juniper berries and syrup to the young and wild bitter-sweet gin & tonic unleashing flavours of freshness and recklessness. Do not forget ice cubes, your favourite tonic waters and a slice of lime or cucumber. The recipes are developed for every taste and are made to be used and enjoyed. Whenever you like and preferably in great company.

Apartment Studio Hamburg →

Apartment Studio Hamburg →

The doors to our Apartment Studio in Hamburg has opened. It is a unique and temporary studio where you get to experience our products in a spectacular and authentic home setting.